Forged in the Heart of a dying Star

« WILL I DRINK THAT ONE MILLION DOLLARS SPACE AGED PETRUS? » I agree this would probably be your first question. But there is another question that should come fast after this first one: « How do I open such a unique and amazing bottle?? »

I thought about this deep question a lot! And after thousands of discussions, I decided to create the perfect wine-opener that would match this unique space-aged Petrus bottle and that would match the celestial chest I imagined and created: a corkscrew made from a meteorite, another world première!

With this meteoritic corkscrew forged in the heart of a star found in North Pole in the beginning of the XXth century, you now have the perfect accessory to open the bottle of Space Petrus!

Now one question remains: will you open this bottle?

Ateliers Victor’s corkscrew made out of a meteorite

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