The Music Star, the Child and the Lion

ONCE UPON A TIME there was an American pop music star who had the most divine voice one could imagine!

One day during one of her trips all over the world, she met the love of her life, her Prince Charming.

A few months later, she discovered she was pregnant. Full of joy, her husband crossed the oceans and came to us and asked us to imagine and create the perfect gift for their future child.
And he asked us to create this unique gift in such ways that it would show his love to his wife!

The inspiration for the creation of a toy box came after watching video clips of the mother’s performances: all around the trunk, a desertland, similar to one featured in one of her most famous video clips.

On the desertland, magnetized animals move to follow the whims of the boy’s imagination and turning the little boy into the true baby lion king.

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