The Prince & the Falcon

ONCE UPON A TIME A PRINCE. He was so fond of falconry that he asked us to imagine the most exquisite falconry glove that would surpasse his two friend’s…

One of his friends had a beautiful glove with many gold accessories. His other friend had an impressive glove plated with hundreds of diamonds. How could we beat these two pieces?

The answer came up during one of my talks with this bright young man: the more we talked and the more I realized he was really into this falconry world… Actually so much involved into it that he was a huge trainer to his falcons.

So I suggested the creation of a phosphorescent crocodile leather glove that would glow by night. During our creation, he would start training his best falcon to fly and come by to the light by darkness.

This is the story he told us when he met his two friends again with his new glove:

« We went to the desert around 4.00 pm and had some fun training our falcons. At some point my two friends saw my new glove and they started mocking it kindly: according to them, it was a beautifully made glove but no gold, no diamonds or anything like this… how could it compete with theirs? And I didn’t deny. But when the sun went down, when the daylight decreased, I was suddenly the only one able to play and interact with my falcon and I didn’t hear the sound of my two friend’s voices during the best minutes of fun I ever had! »

phosphorescent crocodile falconry glove

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