To Infinity and Beyond!

JUNE 2016, WE MET THIS AMAZING SPACE ENTREPRENEUR who wanted to be the first one in the world ever to finance research on ISS with private funding.

Two years and some significant moves later, his dream was about to come true, with a first scientific launch: vines and 12 bottles of Petrus wine that would spend 15 months aboard the International Space Station, a huge world première!

These 12 bottles of Petrus wine were great wines before their launch and trip on ISS, they became legendary once back on Earth!

In order to imagine the perfect precious casket that would honor the first one of the 12 Space bottles, this French entrepreneur asked us to imagine the most extraordinary project we could ever think of. No constraint, no limitation… just one single rule: a real carte blanche to unleash our creativity in every way!

Through hours of talks together, through dozens of discussions and meetings all over the world, after hundreds of calls at anytime of day and night, we discovered how rich and fascinating his personality was: touched by Jules Verne, fan of Star Trek world, inspired by Pasteur… What could we imagine that would cover all aspects of his radiant personality and that would become a tribute to this unstoppable man?

I envisioned the perfect inspiration one day: I would create the most spectacular chest. Actually, not just a chest, this masterpiece would become a statement, a piece of art for its future lucky owner.

Ad augusta per angusta…

Les Ateliers Victor celestial chest

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